Prof. dr Joanna Hoffmann is an artist who works in the field of multimedia installation, VR, experimental video-animation, interactive projects, and book art. She is also an academic and leader of the Studio for Transdisciplinary Projects & Research at the University of Arts in Poznan (Faculty of Art Education & Curatorial Studies). She co-founded Art & Science Synergy Foundation (ASSF) and Art & Science Node (ASN) in Berlin and takes the directive role of Chair of ASN. Her artistic works have been widely presented in venues such as the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Warsaw; the Science Museum/DANA Centre and MOCA in London; Transmediale Festival and European Patent Office in Berlin; MUSE New York. She was awarded the Artist of Honour of the XII Florence Biennale in 2019 and was awarded the medal Gloria Artis by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland in 2020
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Professor dr. hab Joanna Hoffmann: artist, researcher, educator, curator;

Leader of the Studio for Transdisciplianary Projects & Research at the University of Art in Poznan (UAP), Faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies;

Co-Founder of the Foundation:  Art & Science Synergy Foundation & Chair of Art & Science Node in Berlin;
Co-leader of the Club of Science and Art in Poznań, in cooperation with the Faculty of Biology the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznan
Current interdisciplinary collaborations: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biochemistry; Faculty of Biology Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, International Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology Warsaw
Academic curriculum
2022 received the title of Professor of Art from the President of Poland;
2009 Professorship of the University of Arts in Poznan UAP;

2005 Habilitation of doctor degree, Faculty of Multimedia Communication, UAP/AFA in Poznan,

2000 Doctor degree in visual arts (Phd), Department of Multimedia Communication, UAP/AFA in Poznan
1992 MA Diploma with Distinction in Graphics and Drawing
1987-1992 Studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / UAP University of Arts in Poznan
SPUN EXPEDITION: Fungal Hotspots of the Carpathians, Curators' Lab, Poznań, April 2024
Glowing Globe, Changes and Challenges, Rijeka Croatia, October 2023
SPUN Expedition / Society for Protection of Undergound Networks
Philosopher's Stone. History of Alchemy, German National Museum, Nuremberg, DE, Sept. 2023- June 2024
Metagenomes of Different Environments, Lublin Conference Center, Lublin, June 2023
ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Forum des Images, Paris, May 2023
The Forest becomes a Choir Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, czerwiec-sierpień 2023
Rhizosphere: The Big Networks of Small Worlds / art-science-education
AR Artworks




2023 Labyrinth of Identity Variables \ RHI-ZONES, (3D multimedia show), Conference: Metagenomes of Different Environments. Lublin Conference Center, Lublin , PL


A breath for Leonardo 7th Central European Congress of Life Sciences EUROBIOTECH, EXPO Cracow, PL


EnterNULL] , Rotunda Gallery, University of Arts in Poznan, PL


epi-Zone[NULL]  Art & Science Node in Berlin, DE  


Avant-gout of the new holoWorld, Central European Congress of Biotechnology, EXPO, Cracow, PL


Microscape Poznan Science Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, PL


[micro]biologies II: "πρωτεο / proteo" Art Laboratory Berlin, DE


Walls,  Bereznitsky Galerie, Berlin, DE


Lightscape,  Deli-Licht, Pennisula, Rotterdam, NL


Tones & Whispers AT Gallery, Poznan, PL


Here & Beyond,  Objectnotfound Gallery,  Monterrey, MX


Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel , XX1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, PL


Between distances (KulturJahr der Zehn neuen EU-Laenden)) Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin, DE


Hidden Melody - looking for a sound, ON Gallery, Poznan, PL


Harmonia Mundi - exercises in perspective, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK, 


music for individual performances, Gedok Atelierhaus, Lubek, DE


Re: positioning / Music of Spheres. Do it Yourself

Music for inert repetitions Galerie Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld, DE


Episode, Labyrinth Gallery, State Gallery, Lublin, PL


Repetitions, ON Gallery, Poznan,, Poznań, PL


Up and Down, The Commercial Gallery, Londyn, UK


A discrete point of suspension, Biala Gallery, Lublin, PL


"Stable behaviour” Gallery Potocka, Cracow, PL


a few steps above, a few degrees aside, Kingsgate Gallery, London , UK


21. It is important to distinguish, Galeria 2124  , Oslo, N


Around un-sure circulations”, Gallery Wejscie, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, PL


throughOut”, Teraz Gallery, Szczecin, PL


In-between sides”, Gallery ON, Poznan, PL


Travels around un-measurable Time”, International Centre of Art, Poznań, PL


Silence of small e-motions”, Gallery AT, Poznan, PL


Books-Objects”, Galeria Dzialan/Gallery of Action, Warsaw, PL


Small reflexions of time”, ON Gallery, Poznan  PL


From the diary of a labyrinth, 104 Gallery, Gent, BE



2024 SPUN EXPEDITION: Fungal Hotspots of the Carpathians, Curators' Lab, Poznań, PL
2023-4 Philosopher's Stone. History of Alchemy, German National Museum, Nuremberg, DE
2023 Glowing Globe, Changes and Challenges, Rijeka, Croatia
2023 The Forest becomes a Choir, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, DE
2022 Our Bio-Tech Planet: The Future of Plants and Humans, Botanical Garden in Rome, IT
2022  Rhizosphere: Organism ,  10th anniversary of the Polish Mycological Society, Faculty of Biology UAM University,    Poznan, PL

 Augmented Species. Invasis Sculptures in Hybrid Ecologies, AR touring exhibition, MoMA Sculpture Garden NYC   USA i 16 places around the world

 ARS ELECTRONICA Hong Kong Garden, Artificial Intentionalities: Post-human humanities in the age of the art-subject (Art in a Cloud), Osage Gallery Hong Kong


Capture the Future(s): Our Biotech Planet, Plant Biology Europe Congress, Turin, IT


Art book 4 / Book-Art object 4, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, SE


XII Florence Biennale, Forteza da Basso, Florence, IT


Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds, Collegium Biologicum, UAM Poznan, PL


VERSUS, Municipal Gallery BWA, PL


Beyond Words, Tel Aviv Art Centre, Tel Avive, IL


Tetramatyka Festival of Audiovisual Art / 1st Symposium Medicine Update SMART LION, Medical University, Lvov, UA


Capture the Future(s): Evolution 2, Elusive Identity, DPMA-TIZ, German Patent and Trademark Office in Berlin, DE


Micro E-Motions , Art & Science Node Berlin, partner exhivirion of the STATE Festival Berlin, DE      -


Creativity & Innovation, DPMA-TIZ / German Patent and Trademark Office in Berlin, DE


Capture the Future(s): Evolution, Gallery of the Club for Science & Art, Collegium Biologicum UAM, Poznan, PL


DeNovo; Art-Science-Synergy Aberdeen Art:laB, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen , UK


Echofluxx 15 Festival of New Media, Music & Art, Prague, CZ


Media-Scape: State of Exception, MMSU Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, HR 


Sense & Sensuality  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, SG


Bio-Fiction; Science Art Film Festival, Museum of Natural History, Bellaria Cinema, Vienna, AU 


Not Invented by Nature  BioQuant Centre, Heidelberg, DE


Microcosmos - State Gallery Leszno, PL


Parallax, International Festival of Stereoscopic 3D films, CIANT/ Cinema Lucerna, Prague, CZ


Mediations Biennale "Unknown", Poznan, PL


Gradient Change, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, London, UK


GEO-Genesis Festival 2012, Aso Volcano Museum, Mount Unzen Memorial Hall, ASO Prefecture JP


Seeing Ourselves, MUSE Centre of Photography and the Moving Image, New York, USA


Contemporary Art Ruhr C.A.R., Zollverein World Culture Heritage Site.DE  


Green Unplugged - Culture Unplugged, Film Festival, India/Indonesia/USA/New Zealand


WRO  XIV International Biennale of Media Art („Alternative Now ) Wroclaw, PL


BAC!: TIME - Towards the 4th Dimension", Festival of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, SP


Moving Frames 2nd Mytilene Digital Art Festival, Lesbos, GR


Life Origin, Espai d’Arts Visuals d’Amposta (EAV), Amposta, SP


Art+Communication.("Energy")" International Festival for New Media Culture, RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, Riga, LT


Voices from the Waters" 4th International Film Festival, ("Secret Life") film inwokacyjny, Bangalore, Indie


WRO 09. 13th Media Art Biennale (Expanded City), Wroclaw, PL


WRO 09 Expanded Tour, presenetd at:


BWA Zielona Gora, PL

Galeria Arsenał, Białystok  PL

INvideo Festival, Spazio Oberdan, Mediolan, Italy

Festival of European Film Library FE FEST'09 Kino Kultura, Warsaw, PL

Kino.Lab, Centre for Contenporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, PL


Transmediale Festival for Media Art (Going North), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DE


Transmediale Video Selection (tour) 


11th International Festival of Video/Arte/Electrónica, Lima, P

   Goethe-Institut, Damaszek, Syria

   ArtToday/Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv , Bułgaria

   Redhouse, Sofia Bułgaria

   Goethe-Institut, Madryd, Hiszpania

   Festival Internacional de Artes MEM, Bilbao Hiszpania

   Transvisualia 009, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park , Gdynia , Polska

   MaxArtFest 2009, Zagrzeb, Horwacja

   Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City, Meksyk

   Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Meksyk

   Centro de Arte y Nuevas Tecnologías, San Luis Potosí, Meksyk

   Escuela de Artes Digitales y Negocios Multimedia, Monterrey , Meksyk

   ESPACIO ENTER, Tenerife , Hiszpania

   Marmelade Factory, Lwów, Ukraina

   Goethe-Institut, Montevideo , Urugwaj

   Moscow MediaArtLab, Moskwa, Rosja

   Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting, Pecs , Węgry

   Refract Festival, Kragujewac , Serbia

   Athens Video Art Festival, Ateny, Grecja

   SMART Project Space, Amsterdam Holandia


Book Art Object, Museum 25th May, Belgrad, SE


Ping4. Festival del Arte et Musica Experimental, Sa Taronja, SP


Media Scape, "City Per(mutation)", City Museum Lapidarium, Novigrad, HR


Strictly Berlin; Between Fiction and Fact, Galerie der Kunste, Berlin, DE


Romantica: Single Channel Topos, WRO Kolekcja Polskiej Sztuki Video 2003-7, Kunsthalle Wien, AU


Strictly Berlin - Targets of Opportunity, Galerie der Kunste, Berlin, DE


XII Media Art Biennale WRO 07, Wroclaw, PL 


Unfolding memories The New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, IL


Verloren / Gefunden” Gutshaus, Petersdorf, DE


Asia – Europe. Attitude, Eis Fabrik - Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, DE


Asia – Europe. Attitude, Mona Collection, Poznan, PL  


Art & Science, KHOJ Studios, New Delhi, IN


LIMITE 16th International Electronic Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil SEC Sao Paolo, BR


Belo Horizonte - Brazil, Imagen-Pensamento”  Laboratorio Arte Alameda.  Mexico DC


The Time of Stars. Innovations in the Universe, European Patent Office, Berlin, DE


ComaLower- Silesian Art Center, Katowice, PL


Made in Video, Video Days of Citizen Journalism, Public Secrets and ARTivism, Cinemateket /Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, DK


Temporary Cities, Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, LU


Temporary Cities, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, RU   


Heroine City Gallery BWA Leszno, PL 


Poetry&Art. Public Text Works Poetry International Festival Rotterdam, Theatre/Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, NL


Khoj Kalkata - Baruipur - Calcutta, IN  


Beyond, Real Art Ways Hartford CT, USA


Cybersonica Dana Centre / Science Museum, London, UK


Art Poznan, Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań, PL


WRO 05 11th International Media Art Biennale Wrocław, PL


Myths and Antimyths, Forum Gallery, Centre of Culture Zamek, Wroclaw, PL


Neue Horizonte entdecken…“  Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Niemcy, DE


Sense in Place, Cardiff, Walia, UK


Contact Context, Kunstlerforum Bonn, DE  


Kontakt – Kontekst, Municipal Gallery Arsenał, Poznań, PL


II Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, DE


Poznań Art Now II", Municipal Gallery BWA, Bielsko Biała, PL


Continuum“, Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań, PL


Canvas, Poetry & Art" 35th Poetry International, Rotterdam Theatre/Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, NL


ArtOmi Open Studios, Ghent, Nowy Jork, USA


Galerienrundgang der Zehn, Internationaler Club im Auswartigen e. V., Berlin, DE


Kunst der Zehn“, Rathausgalerie, Monachium, DE                     


Mediations. Poznan Art Now, Lodz Biennal, Lódz, PL


Alphabet, Gallery AT, Poznan, PL


Inner and Outer perspectives, Calendar Gallery, Falkirk, Szkocja  UK  


Common Places, Old Brewery, Poznan, PL


Seven / Seven Regional Museum, Zielona Góra, PL


Spiritual in Digital Arts, The Evergreen Cultural Centre, CA


Tensions Inner Spaces Multimedia, Poznan, PL


The History Book That Never Was, Massachussets College of Art, Boston, USA


Lightness of Things, Centre for Modern Art in Warsaw, PL


Bookmorning, Gallery of Action, Warsaw, PL


Book, Municipal Gallery, Jelenia Góra, PL


9th Wexford Artists Book Exhibition, Wexford, IR


Bread Matters, the Museum of Water,  Lisbon,  P


The Fourth Element. The Earth, Gallery of Artists Union, Warsaw,, Warszawa, PL


OniONe, Innerspaces Multimedia Centre for Art, Poznan, PL  


Graphica Creativa. Links”, 10th International Triennial, Jyvaskyla Art Museum, FI


Black and White, AT Gallery,  Poznań, PL


XX-CHANGE, X-change Festival, Linz, AT


International Digital Miniature Print, University of West England UWE, Bristol, UK


KunstlerinnenbucherGedok-Galerie, Hannover, DE


Nothing Serious”, Cube Cinema, Bristol, UK 


Single Currency Exhibition”. Cortona International Symposium: A Print Odyssey, IT


NONA / Music for Inert Repetitions, Gallery at Jesuits, Poznań, PL


Anatomies of  Darkness”, Baltic Gallery of Art, Ustka, PL


Hommage a J.LudwinskiR Gallery, Poznan, PL  


Volumes of Vulnerability”, Standpoint Gallery, London, UK

The Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, UK

Museum of Artists Books, Lodz, PL

San Francisko Center for the Book , USA


Artists’ Books Exhibition, King Stephen Museum, Szekesfeher, HU


The book and what next,  AT Gallery, Poznan, Poland


Construction in Process The State Museum in Bydgoszcz, PL 


Contemporary Original Books, Palais des Congres, Marsylia, FR


Polish Artists’ Books” Stadt Bibliothek, Sztokholm, SE


Passion, Gasworks, London, UK


The Notation of Silence, Book Art Museum,  Łódź, PL


Moveable Horizons of Notions. Conceptual reflection in Polish Art Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, PL


Oikos / "In the shadow of gravity", State Museum in Bydgoszcz,PL


Meanders of Presence, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, PL


Place of Permament Residence Tatranska Gallery, Poprad, SK


Place of Permanent Residence II State Museum in Bydgoszcz, PL


The Idea of a Book, the Regional Museum in Torun, PL  


A Few Private Impulses”, The State Gallery Arsenal, Bialystok, PL


"International Symposium" / "Common Ground" Spike Island Artspace, Bristol, UK


20/20, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK


In Orbit Round the Drifting Book II”, Polish Culture Institute, Budapest, HU


O.N. presents”, Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk, PL


Fort Sztuki 98. Letter-Word-Sentence, Goethe Institute, Cracow, PL


Phoptographie, Kunst-und Atelierhaus Horn, KulturKontakt Austria, AT


The Book and the Body, The Operating Theatre Museum, Londyn, UK


International Joint Art Exhibition, Shin Gallery, Hiroshima, JP


20/20, Kingsgate Gallery, Londyn, UK


PropositonsCairn Gallery, Gloucestershire, UK


In Orbit Round the Drifting BookGesamthochschul Bibliothek, Kassel, DE


43rd Hiroshima Peace Exhibition,  Hiroshima Prefecture Art Museum, JP


Fictions, Centre of Culture „Zamek”, Poznan, PL


Polimetrie, ”, the Municipal Gallery Awangarda /BWA, Wrocław, PL


Polish Art Critics’ Recommendations, The Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, PL


Natural Setting, The Chelsea Physic Garden, Londyn, UK 


On the Edge, Camley Street Natural Park, Londyn, UK


The Best Diplomas 92/93,Gallery of  Polish Artists Union, Warsaw, PL


Collection II”, Centre For Contemporary Art in Warsaw, PL


Winners of  M.Dokowicz Award”,The State Gallery Arsenal,  Poznan, PL


Different Book”Gallery ON, Poznan, PL


Work from Poland”, Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw School of Art, Londyn, UK


Books and Pages - Polish Avant-garde Artists’ Books” Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, PL



2023 28th International Symposium of Electronic Art, Forum de Images, Paryż, FR  
2023 VIII National Scientific Seminar: Mathematical Laboratory of Culture 2023, Faculty of Educational Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, PL  

  Spring of Innovation RNI 2022, RNI Research Network on Innovation, University of Lille, FR


  Flatform: History of a Tree, interational symposium, University of Arts in Poznan, PL

2021 Emergency Exit, University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts, The Center of Innovative Media, Rijeka HR  

  Bio-presence. Art in the biotechnological world, University of Gdańsk, PL



 Ars Electronica Hong Kong Garden
 Ars Electronica Leonardo Gardens: Zurich



Towards Leonardo da Vinci Legacy of Similitude and Invention  XII Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art



44th FEBS Congress (Federation of European Biochemical Societies), From Molecules to Living Systems, Kraków



Human factor / Non-Human factor, Conference by WRO Festival for Media Art, Wroclaw, PL



Vertigo Forum / Future STARTS Here, Centrum Pompidou w Paryżu, FR



Communication: From DNA to Global Information, Conference for 100 years of Faculty of Biology, UAM Poznan, PL



World Computing Congress, hosted by Poznan Technical University, Poznan PL



Studium Generale Universitatis Wratislaviensis, Wroclaw PL 



Central European Congress of Biotechnology, EXPO, Cracow, PL



Expanding Beyond the Limits, BIO-2016, 2nd Congress of Polish Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Biotechnology, Wroclaw, PL



European Congress of Biotechnology (highlighted talk: Art in the Society of Knowledge), Cracow, PL



Models of Diversity, Current Transdiscourses in Art, Science & Social Issues, ZHdK, Zurich CH



Educational Potential of Photography, UAP University of Arts in Poznan / Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, PL



KNOW – Polish National Leading RNA Research Centre (konf), Obrzycko, PL



Paradox European Forum Conference, Poznan, PL



Image / Space  Conference, Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, P



State; Experience Science Festival, Berlin, DE



Post-technological Experiences; Art-Science-Culture, HAT, Uniwersytet im.A.Mickiewcza w Poznaniu/ Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan, PL 



Beyond - Future Design" ZKM Centre for Art & Media /HFG Karlsruhe, DE



The 3rd International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture 

(Cloud and Molecular aesthetics), Pera Museum/Sabanci University Istanbul, TU



The 3rd Science-Education Conference, Faculty of Biology, UAM University, Poznan, PL



Art Saves the World, International Conference, Collegium Polonicum UAM University, Slubice, PL



ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts”, UWE , COFA Sydney, AU



Mutamorphosis.Tribute to Uncertainty, CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Praga , CZ  



ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts” Istambuł, TU



Towards the Third Culture. The Co-existence of Art, Science and Technology", Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk, PL



Project: Art Education. The Role of Art Education in the Contemporary Society", University of Arts in Poznan/Centre for Culture Zamek, Poznan, PL



ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts” Singapore, SG



Impact VKUMU Contemporary Art Museum, Tallinn, EE



X Festival of Science & Art, (inauguration lecture) UAM University, Poznan, PL



Interfaces of Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, PL



Impact IV , Universitat der Kunste w Berlinie, DE



VIII Festival of Science & Art, (inauguration lecture) UAM University, Poznan, PL



Art Spaces in Gender Perspective”, Universitaet BielefeldDE



Impact II UIAH, Helsinki, FI



Impact IConference on Contemporary Graphics, University of West England, Bristol, UK 



VIDEO / ANIMATIONS (selection)

director of  "Chemistry and Beauty", University Film Studio UAM (2014)

Philosophers' Stone, (2013/14)

Hidden Toplogy of Being II (2012)

Anxiety of the 2nd Dimension (2012)

Hidden Dimension (2010/2012)

Water (2009)

Secret Life (2008)

Life Matters (2007)

Walls (2007)

Tones and Whispers (2005/6)

Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel (2004)

Life – Motif  (2004)

Hidden Melody. Harmonia Mundi - exercises in perspective (2002/3)


Anatomy of a moment (2002)

BOOK WORKS  (selection  intro



The Matter of a Fact

Here and Now, 



dhe ent

To be

To be




In search for the lost time

Time-like dimension

Ego-logical Tree

Handy Map of..(Hiroshima)

The common lightness of  life

Self Control


Music for inert repetitions


Music for inert repetitions, pocket edition


Music of Spheres



portfolio projects


A print Odyssey”. University of West England in Bristol UK,  Cortona University , Italy   


The history Book that never was", University of West England in Bristol UK, Massachusets College of Art, Boston, USA

contribution to online projects:


Little Song Films",


2020 Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland


Medal „Magnus Laurentius Medices” Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Citta Di’ Firenze, Florence, IT


Team Award: Grand Prix iGEM Competition, MIT Boston  USA, Heidelberg Team, Philosophers’ Stone, USA


Transmediale  Festival for Media Art, Berlin (honorable mention in the field videoart), DE


Voices from the Waters" 4th International Film Festival, "Secret Life" selected as the invocataion of the Festival, Bangalore, IN


Artistic Stipend of the Polish Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage


the 1st prize in the Polish edition of  the  competition "2007- a very spatial year" organized by the European Planetology Network "Europlanet",  the Space Research Center and Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw, the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn, for the 50th anniversary of the “Cosmic Age”.


Artistic Stipend of the Polish Minister of Culture


The conference sitpend of the Warsaw Science Association


The Poznań City Award for Young Artists,  


The Award of M.Dokowicz (1st prize),


Artistic Stipend of the Polish Minister of Culture



art residency at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)/ University of Heidelberg/ Eilslabs / Life Science Lab, in the framework of The Helmholtz Initiative on Synthetic Biology, Heidelberg, DE


Centre for Experimental Media Art CEMA by Srishti College of Art, Design and Technology in collaboration with National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, IN


Art & Science Residency, Khoj Artists Association in collaboration with International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi, IN


Khoj Kolkata, International  Art Residency, Calcutta, IN


Fellowship at the Konrad Wolf Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam, DE


Art Omi  International Art Residency, Ghent, New York, USA


Gedok Schleswig-Holstein Residency, Lubeck,  DE


Artists Unlimited Residency, Bielefeld, DE


KulturKontakt Scholarship, Kunst-und Atelierhaus Horn/Vienna, AT


Art Residency at the Spike Island Artspace, Bristol, UK



since 1997 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts/ University of Arts in Poznan/Poland

since 2011 Leader of the Studio for Transdiciplinary Projects & Research at UAP;




Plymouth University, Transtechnology PhD Research Group, UK


Srishti College of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore IN


Tesla Art&Science Resaerch Group, University College London, UK


Universität der Künste (w ramach Programu Erasmus), Berlin, DE


MA European Fine Art, Barcelona, SP


London College of Printing, now: London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), UK


Winchester School of Art, Southampton University, UK


Byam Shaw School of Art, (University of the Arts London), UK


Camberwell College of Arts, (University of the Arts London), UK


De Montfort University Leicester, UK


Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha , Cuenca, SP


Byam Shaw School of Art, (University of the Arts London), UK


Statens Kunstaakademie, Oslo, N





The National College of Art and Design, (Dept. of Fine Arts, MA & BA in Graphics,)  Dublin, IR


The Winchester School of Art, (MA in Graphics),  Southampton University), UK




international workshop for Phd students : EPS CRISP/Cas, Experimental Plant Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, NL, author's wrokshop: Art Science Communication


Co-organiser of the Leonardo Education & Art Forum LEAF Workshop The role of art education in an age of ecological crisis and the globalization of knowledge”, ISEA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, AU


TransIstor / stereoscopic 3D workshop series for  professionals in film and audiovisual art, HFG Karslruhe, DE


Agency in Movement SymbioticA, University of Western Australia, Perth, AU


TransIstor” stereoscopic 3D workshop series for  professionals in film and audiovisual art (3D Stereoscopy), CIANT International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Praga, CZ


TransIstor” stereoscopic 3D workshop series for  professionals in film and audiovisual art (3D Stereoscopy), CIANT International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Prague, CZ


Living Matter. Art & Research & Science Studies in Biological Laboratories", International Summer School Academy of Media Art in Cologne / Freie Universitat Berlin, Cologne, DE





2018 -2019

Member of the CHIC Consortium, EU Horizon 2020, Research & Innovation

od 2018

Founder and Leader of the EpiLab Team

od 2015

Chair of Art & Science Node in Berlin

od 2015

Vice-President of Art & Science Synergy Foundation

od 2014

initiator and organizer of the Club of Science & Art in Poznan



Initiator & organiser of the Poznan Node / FLOW Festival for the 3rd World Water Day Symposium,, www,


art director of the exhibition on art and innovation in astrophysics, astronomy and cosmic space ‘The Time of Stars. Innovations in the Universe”, in the frame of German-Polish Year at European Patent Office in Berlin and the Patent Office of Polish Republic in Warsaw

2002 - 2007

Member of the Management Team of ON Gallery in Poznan, PL

1992  - 2007

Curator at the ON Gallery, Poznan, PL


curator of the exhibition "Volumes of Vulnerability" Book Art Museum in Lodz, PL


curator of the presentation of "Bristol Art Library", Book Art Museum in Lodz, PL


curator of the exhibition “Notation of Silence”, Book Art Museum, Lodz, PL


curator of the Norwegian-Polish Workshop at the Centre of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, PL





Hot Water - Water, Peace & War /"Balance - Unbalance" Conference Arizona State University, USA


Jury Member of the 13th Tallinn Print Triennial “Poetical-Political”, KUMU Contemporary Art Museum, EE



Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Pl

London Institute, Chelsea College of Art and Design, UK  

University of West England, Bristol

WRO Centre for Media ART Wroclaw, PL

Transmediale, Berlin, DE

SECS Videobrasil,Sao Paolo, BR

Museum and Archive of Mehr Agassi, Bristol, UK/ Tel-Aviv/IL

The Bristol Art Library, UK

King Stephen Museum, Szekesfehervar, HU

Muzeum Książki Artystycznej w Łodz, PL

Matt’s Gallery, London, UK

Shin Gallery Collection, Hiroshima, JP

International Collection of Contemporary Creative Artists’ Books, Marseille, FR

Private collections 




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