Joanna Hoffmann
EPI-MIMESIS : towards a new Holoworld
The EpiMimesis is a long-term art project inspired by the latest research on the origin of life (RNA World hypothesis) and its evolution. It considers the implications of the modern "All is Data" paradigm, pointing to the shift from the algorithms of the biological evolutionary past toward the unknown horizons of the technological future.
The Greek prefix epi- (ἐπι- "over, beyond, around") refers to the influence of the environment on the individual "dataset" and on evolutionary processes (epigenetics).
The term mimesis (from the Greek mimeisthai, "to imitate") According to Plato and Aristotle, the principle of mimesis indicates the creative interpretation or modeling of nature: not by copying it, but by emphasizing fundamental or general characteristics and looking not only for what "is" or "was" but also what is probable or possible.
In essence, epiMimesis evokes the concept of mimesis as a creative method that combines art, science and technology.
In the universe of interacting data which are never independent, or free but always in the interactions between other data or sets of data, what can we say about the uniqueness of human life and experience and wisely guide ourselves towards what we want to be, towards the world we want to live?....
General narrative
The interactive and immersive narrative of EpiMimesis unfolds in a supercomputer environment or in the universe as a supercomputer, assuming that our reality (everything that exists) is the complex interactions of dynamic datasets. The virtual system guides the Inter-actor like a student through various levels of matter organization, from the looping of elementary particles, through molecular structures and biological tissues, to the most complex systems of our dynamic world. The interactor acts as a catalyst (or as an apprentice) for "natural" processes and, according to the rules of mimesis, probability and inevitability, transforms its environment. However, in an unstable system that can neither be fully understood nor completely controlled, its actions can lead to unexpected results...
EpiMimezis refers to the eternal passion for knowledge, striving to understand the deepest secrets of nature and gaining knowledge that gives power over its processes. At the same time, it provokes reflection on the limits of our cognition and the possibilities of controlling complex dynamic, evolving systems.
The multi-faceted EpiMimemsis project consists of EpiZones, related yet autonomous pieces. 
EPIZONE [V] is the heart of the project,
awarded the gold medal "Magnus Laurentius Medices""Magnus Laurentius Medices" of the Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Citta Di' Firenze (2019)
In 2018, the Project: EpiMimesis Epizone [V] Shifting Identities was granted the status of VERTIGO STARTS Residency under the European program Horizon 2020