"Anxiety of the 2nd domension"  vimeo: https://vimeo.com/51588684


 3D stereoscopy video (3min.40sec) , 2012,

It is the first piece of the new series of work within the frame of the project "Hidden Topology of Being" examining the unfathomable nature of our reality. In our daily perception we live in a four-dimensional realm. However our relationship with the environment might be much more subtle than what our senses offer us to believe. In the field of superstring theory, the M-theory assumes the existence of additional dimensions hidden from our limited perception, as well as their fluctuation and interconnectivity. How do we exist in the multidimensional realm?

First presentation at the  "The Unknown" Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland, 2012 www.mediations.pl

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Staring at fascinating Calabi –Yau manifolds, in which additional dimensions might be curled up, analogies to folded up structures of proteins (called basics bricks of life) occur. Formal resemblances are followed by similarities in their evolvement - from a point - an atom, then a line - a chain of amino acids -  through delineation of bending and twisting surfaces, to complicated and dynamic  three-dimensional structures of interactions. But the evolution of our universe could follow the opposite direction. According to other theories, the multidimensional world collapsed into a four dimensional one and even this one can be, like a  hologram, a perceptual illusion. Looking at  the globular molecule of a protein at its writhing helices we wonder, whether our own trajectories of life wriggle on a rumply two-dimensional surface like on a crumpled sheet of paper which crinkles assure us the variety of experiences and relations providing us with multidimensional illusions?