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Vitruvian WoMan: Poems

AR project

Soundscape: Andre Bartetzki

AR programmer / developer: Arkadiusz Rataj


A set of multimedia poems was born while working on the interactive project Vitruvian WoMan / A Breath for Leonardo. The artist’s concept of Vitruvian WoMan recalls renaissance tradition of humanisti exploring relations between a human being and the universe. Today, though in a different cultural, scientific and social contexts) we perceive ourselves again as “creative participants of Nature” rather than detached observers and users. Vitruvian Woman’s poems draws an imaginative thread through time, space and body.


The poems are designed as AR pieces for a solo performer combining text, sound, image and movement, as well as independent video-animations

Poem [1]

link to the video/animation:

link to the AR teaser: