Mediations. Poznań Art. Now , Lódź 2004,   "Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel", video 8 min

The exhibition presented a new version of the video „Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel”. It was dedicated to the memory of Brothers Lumiere. Their “train” entering the station, more than 100 years ago, started the journey towards new areas of imagination and cognition

Travel by train is often a double journey towards an external point of destination and to the inside of one's self. It is often time of relaxation, absorption into one's own thoughts, a dreamy contemplation. Our brain enters the state of Alpha rhythm in which the activity of neurons is more synchronized, increasing our ability to learn as well as strengthening our creative invention and imagination. 

The sonic part of the realization combines “the outer” sounds of a train trip and “inner” ones of an alpha brainwave. 
The visual part “happens” inside a pupil. Within the boundary of a graphic record of one brainwave (EEG) lights of human settlements merges with lights of stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies.