Hidden Melody  - looking for a sound

ON Gallery, March 2003


video installation; video projection, TVset, microscope, telescope

The work refers to Pythagorean idea of Harmonia Mundi. It is based on Johannes Kepler’s (XVII/XVIII) elaboration of Music of Spheres  (accords performed by Mercury, Venus, earth, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) which is combined here with microsounds revealed in one heartbeat. The length of this heartbeat is stretched to the light-distance between the Sun and the Earth (8min.31sec.).

The piece consists of two parts: systole and diastole of the heart. (diastole “is going” backwards)  and in a negative mode)  The rhythmic unit of the piece is heart-beating.

Music is just as important here as the relation between sound and the visual form. Sonic waves are juxtaposed with ultrasonographic image of the inside of a body. Since the whole image is divided and reflecting itself (like in mirror) the sound waves come out and disappear in its center.



the video installation is accompanied by a particular light-sensitive music scores based on Johannes Kepler's notation