Hidden Melody is a series of works inspired by the Pytagorean idea of mathematical World Harmony.


Between 2000 - 2005 most of my work bore upon the Pythagorean idea of the hidden order, mathematical Harmony of the World, questioning its topicality.
Pythagorean World’s Harmony, expressed in consonant relations between its macro and micro components, has been recognized as one of the most significant and influential concepts born by a human mind. Pythagoras used to believe that the whole matter emanates tones, that the whole world is the music. He divided it into Musica Mundana (later known as Music of Spheres) and Musica Humana (music of human body).
His system based on numbers and proportions gave rise both to science and art.
In my artistic realizations, visual records of the internal spaces of my body (obtained by means of ultrasonography or magnetic resonance) merged with images of distant Galaxies, microsounds of the blood circulation, and brain-waves with recordings of cosmic radiations. They were recalling a profound human desire/dream for Harmony and the cognitive potentials of human imagination. In this series, I was also investigating relations between the sound and its visual interpretations: from the rich tradition of the visual music (connected often with synaesthesia) to music notations - specific matrices of sonic phenomena.

  Tones and Whispers

Hidden Melody - Inner Spaces

Hidden Melody - Looking of a Sound

Hidden Melody - Exercises in the Perspective

Hidden Melody - Do It Yourself