"Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel", video installation , XX1 Gallery, Warsaw, 2004,

Carried by the Earth we revolve at the speed of 30 km/sec around the Sun, which then rushes around the centre of Milky Way with the speed of 230 km/sec. Milky Way falls towards Andromeda at the speed of 90 km/sec. and 45 km/sec. towards our Local Group of Galaxies. At the speed of 600 km/sec. this group moves in the direction of the Great Attractor… Our daily trips and peregrinations are part of this voyage.




"Beyond the line of eyelids. Travel" - 2 channel video 6 min.


Travel by train is often a double journey towards an external point of destination and to the inside of one's self. It is often time of relaxation, absorption into one's own thoughts, a dreamy contemplation. Our brain enters the state of Alpha rhythm in which the activity of neurons is more synchronized, increasing our ability to learn as well as strengthening our creative invention and imagination. 

The sonic part of the realization combines “the outer” sounds of a train trip and “inner” ones of an alpha brainwave. 
The visual part “happens” wiithin the boundary of a graphic record of one brainwave (EEG) where lights of human settlements merge with lights of stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies.    

The presentation in XX1 Gallery consisted of a video projection, speakers as well as headphones with a single alpha brainwave selected from the soundtrack

The discovery of brainwaves by Hans Berger in 1929 revealed that the brain while working generates electric impulses which differ in frequency and amplitude according to the state of the brain at the very moment. There are four basic electric rhythms: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. We can introduce the alpha state simply  by closing our eyes and setting our mind in rest. We can also use sound to synchronize the work of the brain’s hemispheres.