[micro]biologies II: πρωτεο / proteo


soundcape: Andre Bartetzki: www.bartetzki.de

"Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to the exhibition [micro]biologies II: πρωτεο / proteo with works by Joanna Hoffmann. This fourth and final exhibition of the series [macro]biologies & [micro]biologies, explores the minute biomolecules that form a basis for the phenomenon of life.(...) By mining technologies as diverse as computer modelling and animation, Pepper's ghost and 3D video, Hoffmann's work presents the viewer with a set of structures for scientific, philosophical, and aesthetic wonder and analysis. Merging interpretations of scientific data, image, sound and poetry, πρωτεο/ Proteo poses questions about the challenges and boundaries of our cognition, creating an emotional bridge between our daily experiences and the abstractness of contemporary science. more PDF  

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We usually identify life with processes of maintaining and transmitting information. Obviously, it is not the only interpretation. Life can be also recognized as a way in which space exists and vice versa: space might be treated as a way in which life exists

In our daily perception we live in a four-dimensional realm. However our relationship with the reality might be much more subtle than what our senses offer us to believe. In the field of superstring theory, the M-theory assumes the existence of additional dimensions hidden from our limited perception, as well as their fluctuation and interconnectivity. What does it mean for us to live in a multidimensional universe with our own bodies hiding manifold worlds? 

The project was inspired by a protein molecule (called the basic brick of life) which convolute structure, on one hand-side, reminded me of Calabi-Yau manifolds - mysterious geometric formations in which successive dimensions of our world are “curled up” on the subatomic scale. On the other hand-side, whilst exposed to X-rays, this structure reveals the arrangement of atoms that might be easily mistaken for a map of the starry Sky....