music: Andre Bartetzki
VR narrative, 3D projection, AR app

The advances in life sciences are profoundly changeing our understanding of natural processes thus raising fundamental questions about our existenace in the ever-evolving networked world and our identity inscribed in past and future algorithms of life.

RhiZone: [Spore] is an immersive multisensory narrative (VR) that transports the viewer into a complex, semi-biological information network in which the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between "internal" and "external" data processing are blurred.

The title refers to a unit of reproduction, a spore, that may be adapted for dispersal and for survival, often for extended periods of time, in unfavorable conditions. Compared with a seed, a spore is a single cell capable of developing into a new individual. Spores serve mainly as a resting, or dormant stage of the life cycle, are highly durable and can germinate even after years of dormancy.
[Spore] is an artistic "time machine" that takes the viewer on a journey through various evolutionary stages and zones of life: from the "primordial soup" of molecular agglomerates (RNAs) and cyanobacteria through aquatic and terrestrial environments, to the bio-technological networks of future existence.
The viewer is immersed in an everchanging network of cellular structures, in which diverse forms merge into one another ensuring persistence of the narrative.
[Spore] refers to the embodiment of memory and the potential for further evolution.

The cycle of RhiZones is associated to of a larger project Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds,  inspired by rhizosphere, an underground network, created by roots, rhizomes, fungi and microorganisms. It is a place for the exchange of signals/information and resources such as water, minerals, and products of photosynthesis. These networks, based on symbiotic associations, diversity, and interdependence, have been allowing plants to grow, spread, and survive in adverse conditions for millions of years.
Rhizosphere, as a model of a sustainable environment, with an operating system based on the „small worlds network”, has been inspiring our imagination for a better, more open and prosperous global future.