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microMimesis - epiMimesis (towards new holoWorld)

Artistic project;  interactive immersive multimedia installations (VR)

the project being realized with the team of epiLab (founded and led by the artist)

in cooperation among others with the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Biochemistry in Poznan; International Centre for Molecular & Cell Biology in Warsaw


interdisciplinary art project combines scientific expertise in the area of physics, organic chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and humanities with cultural and  individual imagination, with artistic visions. Using the latest imaging technologies and interaction, it evokes the eternal questions that underlie and occupied human curiosity and creativity:

                                    Where did we come from? Who are we? Where do we go?

microMimesis-epiMimesis refers to the perpetual human ambition to gain knowledge about the deepest “Big Data” secrets of the nature and thus about the power to process, to change or to set these data for the benefit of humanity, for the construction of a better future. At the same time it raises questions about the limits of our cognition, even with our best knowledge management, and whether we are actually able to understand, to control (and) or even to wisely guide self-organising complex systems.  

microMimesis-epiMimesis narration consists of various  epiZones and takes place in a virtual supercomputing environment, in which a vast amount of data is continually being processed, increasing the BIG data resources that underpin our reality and virtuality. This is not by accident because epiMimesis comes out of the premise that  "All is Data ", starting with the most elementary particles, up to the most complex self-organizing systems.

The interface carries the interActor as an “apprentice” through various levels of matter organization: from entanglement of elementary particles through geometries of molecular structures to complexity of cellular networks and beyond with permanent communications on all levels. The inter-Actor acts as a catalyst for „natural” processes and, according to rules  of mimesis, and of probabilities and inevitabilities, transforms his environment. However, in a non-stable / unstable system with unknown/uncontrolled data, results can tend to totally different, unpredictable, unexpected outcomes.  



epiZone 0: returrn NULL


epiZone 5: Shifting Identities


selected sketches from various epiZones projects :