- ∞ Life Matters + ∞



  1. The Project brings together art and science.
  2. The project intends to evoke reflections on our contemporary  perception of what life and its place in the Universe.
  3. It will merge artistic vision  with scientific researches creating powerful multilayered  statement opened for further interpretations and questions.
  4. The project aims at large and diverse public, having both artistic and educational values.
  5. Conceived is as the interactive artistic laboratory,  the project consists of several sub-projects, realised in form of multimedia installations, website projects, workshops, presentations and lectures.


Short intro:

The long-term project “Life matters” was initiated during my art & science residency at the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Delhi last summer.

It refers to a new perception of life that puts fundamental human questions ( How did we come here? Who are we? Where are we going?) in a new light

The project bridges micro and macro processes, computer modeling with physical surrounding, scientific data with everyday experience creating contemporary multidimensional environment.

It poses questions about the place of life in the Universe, borders of life, time scales as well as the nature of human consciousness that makes the matter of life matters.

The film “Secrete Life” is an artistic introduction to the project. (see also : "Life is..." and "Proteois")


The subject field:


1. Search for the definition of life

The evolution in the perception of life from  ancient time till now. Philosophical and scientifically approaches.


2. The place of life in the Universe

From infinitely small to infinitely big

Life on Earth

Life in Cosmos / Life of Cosmos


3. Hidden structure of life

Atoms, molecules, crystals

Interactions and processes


5. Borders of life

Beginning or beginnings of life

Between animated and unanimated matter

Borders of an entity – interactions and processes

life in extreme environments

other forms of life

on the border of birth /death


6. Time of life

Life cycles

Life spans

Life recycling


7. The hologram Universe

Universe trapped in the human mind