GEO-Genesis Festival 2012  Aso Volcano Museum, Mount Unzen Memorial Hall, ASO Prefecture Japan


The Exhibition:

A unique, interdisciplinary festival under the name „GEO-Genesis“ has been organized in cooperation with various European and Japanese institutions. The artworks selected for the exhibition here in Aso consists of a suite of thematically related artworks, which include celebrated contemporary Artist from Germany, Holland, Poland, Switzerland and Japan. The context of the setting and the diversity of participation poses scientific, philosophical and sociological questions concerning the relationship between human kind and nature and what is intrinsically shared between both.

The selected artworks represent the project GEO- Genesis thematically by depicting in some way the artistic nature of space and character specific to the volcanic region around Mount Aso and also educate through metaphor and visitor participation the central themes of the exhibition: The environment, renewable energy, sustainability, environmental migration, and life around the volcano.

 In view of latest tragedy in Japan caused by natural forces in combination with a blind use of a flawed technology, the organizers of the GEO-Genesis believe that every effort to create a sensibility amongst the general public for the sake of saving the environment that we all inhabit is a necessity and that new directions can be found by conscious collaboration between the arts and the sciences in order to create a needed awareness of the situation and by supporting the creation of a network of individuals interested in solutions.

Participating Artists: Hara Aika (JAP), Helmut Dick (NL), Joanna Hoffmann (POL), Arthur Clay (CHE), Curious Minds (INT), Christiane Oppermann (DEU), Monika Rut (POL), Yasuyuki Saegusa (JAP), Tineke & Eileen van Veen (NDL), Thomek Wendland (POL), Kotani Yoshie (JAP)


Video installation: ‘Hidden Topology of Being: Lapilli” embraces a video projections and three video-objects.

The volcanic character of the site of the exhibition in a particularly strong way reveals both the enormous inner powers of our planet and the persistence of the delicate matter of organic life which depends on them. In my art work I question the secrets of nature which are behind these relations. Bridging micro and macro scales, scientific models and everyday recordings I am investigating primary homogeneity and interdependence of the micro and macro, animated and non-animated components of our world, looking for deeper relations between the human being and his environment.

In the installation a few volcanic pebbles reveal to the viewer their hidden stories: becoming an atomic puzzle in which the fundamental elements meet, or a complex multidimensional form in which quantum physics merges with cultural imagery and poetry. The pebbels were collected on Piton de la Fournaise, La Reunion.