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Epizone [NULL] is a 360 3DS immersive narrative for VR glasses acommpanied with 3D video projections

Soundscape: Andre Bartetzki

The project has been evolving in 2018-2019 embracing various individual artworks:

Return[NULL]: beyond words (Beyond Words Festival, Tel Avive Artspace, Israel (2018)

Enter[NULL]  (Rotunda Gallery UAP Poznan) (2019)

EpiZone[NULL]  (Art & Science Node, a partner event of Transmediale Festival of Digital Culture, Berlin 2019)

utwór realizownay przy wspó³pracy z Instytutem Chemii Bioorganicznej Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Poznaniu    

Laboratorium Struktur Subkomórkowych, prof. Eliza Wyszko



epiZone [NULL] refers to the nature of our identities within a dynamic universe in which "All is Data". The thickening data cloud changes into a complex multi-dimensional semi-biological network, blurring the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between "internal" and "external" data processing, in a world where "all is data". The poetic narrative expressed through rich visual and sound layers provokes the questions about our identity, individual and collective memory when today's Internet of Things transforms into tomorrow's Internet of Minds