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EPIMIMESIS : towards a new holo world


In the universe of interacting data which are never independent, free but always in the interactions between other data or sets of data, what can we say about the uniqueness of human life and experience and wisely guide ourselves towards what we want to be, towards the world we want to live?....


EpiMimesis is a long term project divided into several epiZones, related to different levels of organisation of matter and societal issues.

The project is realised by Joanna Hoffmann with EpiLab Team  of devoted artists, scientists and engineers   EpiLab





EpiZone V: Shifting Identities at XII Florence Biennale Biennale

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Epimimesis evokes the notion of mimesis as a creative method of combining art, science and technology for striving to gain a new quality or an orientation of mind, for stimulating imagination and reflection


The prefix epi refers to the impact of the environment on an individual set of data .

The term mimesis suggests a creative interpretation or modelling of nature: looking not only for that what “is” or “was”, but  for what is likely or possible.  


selected sketches from various epiZones projects :