Between Distances, Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin,  2004



     Since the gallery consists of two rooms the exhibition considered this division.

In the  first room, two series of artist’s books were presented:

  "Music for individual performances" - pocket edition

A series of light-sensitive books based on a record of one heart-beat scanned into a stave and transform on photographic as well as still light-sensitive paper.

Each book composes one of many possible modules of narration. The light-sensitiveness of used materials makes the notation changing, disappearing, while particles of sweat on readers/performers' fingerprints leave permanent traces on photographic emulsion. 


   „”Record / History”

A series of artist’s books - diaries. Each volume consists of a single sheet of paper filled with layers of typed thoughts, events etc. Each book is accompanied by audio CD with sonic record of brainwave

In the second room , films from the series „Exercises in the perspective” were presented,: Beyond the line of eyelids” and  Harmonia Mundi”,


Gallery Horst Dietrich issued a set of unique prints based on the videos